Standard F.O. 4 LED NT Laryngoscope Handle 3.5 V (Li-ion), complete

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OPT F-008.22.894
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  • The standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for the most accurate visualisation. Red is red, blue is blue. Colour temperature: typically 5.200K.
  • Exclusive Fade-Out Function: The Standard F.O. LED Laryngoscope Handle provides maximum brightness at constant intensity. As soon as the dry cell batteries or the rechargeable battery reach a low level, the LED Laryngoscope Handle electronically releases a visible early indication of low battery status: By gradually reducing brightness (Fade-Out Function), the LED Laryngoscope Handles starts notifying the user to replace batteries or to charge the handle.
  • HEINE Standard F.O. 4 LED NT Laryngoscope Handle can be converted from battery to rechargeable handle by simply exchanging the bottom insert.
  • Compatible with all Laryngoscope Blades to the ISO 7376 (green standard).
  • Can only be charged with the NT4 table charger.
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