Didactic skeleton ''Oscar''

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First class reproduction of a male adult skeleton. The skeleton is manufactured after strict quality regulations. The stable mounting and robust structure guarantees a long lasting quality even in intensive use. Made of durable, unbreakable plastic. The teeth are manufactured separately and inserted into the jaw. The limbs can be removed and reattached very fast and easy using a quick fastener. Shoulder, hip and knee joints have flexible rubber attachments that allow lifelike, sliding joint movements. The about 200 bones of the skeleton correspond with real human bones in size and nearly in weight. The skeleton is anatomically correct and complete, it shows all important structures and foramina. The three-part skull was digitalised and adjusted that it exactly corresponds with the standard anatomy. The skeleton size conforms to European standard size, it shows all important structures, fissures, foramina and processus. The skull can be disassembled in cranial base, lower jaw and calvarium. By means of metal pins the calvarium is aligned with the cranial base and held by magnets. The spine of the skeleton shows spinal nerves, the vertebral artery and a dorsolateral disc prolapse. 5-spoke roller stand, rugged, smooth-running and removable. Natural skeleton size (178 cm with stand). Weight: approx. 9 kg.
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