proVisio® M28 secretion aspiration device

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The proVisio® M28 is the result of intensive research and development work. It has an innovative, modular design and a totally new and hitherto unprecedented drive concept.The device also has a new external look: It has a modern, attractive design and is made of highly developed plastic materials. The revolutionary canister design is integrated into the housing; an enormous step forward from the traditional external tube guide. The device is convenient and easy to use. The complex vacuum generator does not require maintenance and the device is also extremely quiet and low in vibration. The proVisio® M28 has been designed in such a way that it is not possible to use it incorrectly and so that an oversuction cannot damage the device. The drive unit is mechanically separated from the vacuum generator so that it cannot be contaminated during use and only an external disinfection is necessary. An additional filter provides double safety and can be easily exchanged by the user.
  • flow rate: 30 l/min ± 2 l/min
  • vacuum: max. - 90 kPa
  • canister: reusable secretion canister system (1,000 ml)
  • suction tube: Ø 6 mm (internal), length 150 cm
  • battery, rechargeable: lithium ion battery
  • dimensions basic unit (H x W x D): 213 x 260 x 124 mm
  • weight (basic unit): 2.8 kg
  • operating time: 5 minutes ON, 5 minutes OFF
  • runtime in battery operation: approx. 45 minutes, depending on the running time of the motor
Includes: 1 reusable secretion aspiration device plus suction tube and fingertip, reusable irrigation bottle (250 ml), power supply plus power cable.
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