Plum Eye Wash emergency station open, 2 bottles inc. wall mounting,

pictogram, mirror and emergency plan
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Eye emergency station with wall mounting contains 1 x 200 ml neutral Plum eye wash solution (4.9 % sterile phosphate buffer) and 1 x 500 ml Plum eye wash solution (0.9 % sterile sodium chloride). The bottles are according to DIN EN 15154-4. Particularly suitable for use in workplaces where acids or alkali and foreign bodies (e.g. dust, dirt, metal and wood chips etc.) can get into the eye. Rinsing time: pH neutral approx. 2 minutes, Plum eye wash solution (0.9 % sterile sodium chloride) approx 5 minutes. Long shelf life of 3 years for sealed bottles. Dimensions (HxWxD): 290 x 228 x 80 mm.
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