AMBU Mark IV, Resuscitator for adults and children with EMP,

with O2 reservoir bags and Face Mask sz. 5
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The Ambu Mark IV is available in two sizes: The Ambu Mark IV Adult designed for manual ventilation of adults and children with a body weight of down to approximately 20 kg, and the Ambu Mark IV Baby for infants and children.

The Ambu Mark IV has the double wall concept (inner bag with outer cover). It provides the “touch” Ambu bags are famous for. The thin outer cover gives the user a very good “fingertip” feeling for how much pressure is needed, while the inner lining with its air holes allows rapid recoil for optimum stroke volume. This gives you complete control of the amount of pressure delivered to the patient and enables artificial respiration with quick frequencies, if needed. The Ambu Mark IV comes with an integrated handle making it easier to hold and enabling uniform compressions in all emergency situations, even in wet conditions - and for users with small hands.

Technical Data:

  • Max. Stroke Volume: 1300 ml
  • Measures: (L x D): 275 x 135 mm
  • Patient Valve: 22/15 mm (ISO)
  • Volume O2 Reservoir: 1500 ml
  • Expiratory connector: 30 mm (ISO)
  • Weight without Mask: 415 g
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